From a few of the clients we’ve guided…

“I am just in the beginning stages of my application process, but with the help of Dr. Goldman, I feel confident that my application will be extremely strong and perfectly timed. While Dr. Goldman has done a wonderful job of teaching me how to let my strengths shine through on the application, he has done an even better job instructing me how to properly address my weaknesses. On top of this, after reviewing my application, Dr. Goldman was able to give me a plan to optimize my time spent during my gap year before medical school. If I had received Dr. Goldman’s guidance from the time I was a freshman in college, the bounds of where I would be today are limitless.”

– Seth

“As junior year approaches, pre-meds have to be meticulous in the medical school admissions process. At my undergrad institution where students are predominantly engineers or business majors, I had difficulty finding the right answers to my questions. Through Dr. Goldman and PreMed Consulting I was given the best road map and application counsel for ‘me.’ I am grateful for the wisdom and insight as I look to now apply from a position of strength.”

– Leland

“Besides being innately stressful, applying/ preparing for medical school is not a straight forward process. Dr. Goldman understands the system, and is able to clearly identify and articulate the areas of strength and weakness in one’s resume. He offers insight and specific direction as to how one can achieve his or her goal, while offering a comforting perspective. His guidance has transformed my bearded, ominous path to medical school into a structured track that I can travel confidently. Regardless of whether you are applying to the top schools in the country or are an individual with special circumstances, I would strongly recommend his service to both aide and pacify your preparation for acceptance to medical school.”

– Zak

“When I was a freshman I almost quit pre-med after getting a ‘C’ in General Chemistry. With Dr. Goldman’s encouragement and advice, I was able to focus on my goals and to gain self-confidence, which helped me to raise my GPA. His advice about extracurricular and research activities made my application stand out. His assistance in editing my essays was huge – as a science major, writing just isn’t my strongest skill. The time we spent preparing for my interviews was invaluable – I felt totally prepared and at ease. Astoundingly, I was accepted to every medical school where I interviewed, including some of the best schools in the country! I truly attribute my success to Dr. Goldman.”

– Lindsay