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Pre-Med Consulting is a service providing help to students who are thinking about or embarking upon applying to medical school. Our clients include: students currently enrolled in college, college graduates considering a post baccalaureate program, post baccalaureates beginning the application process, and high school students who plan to focus their college education on a pre-medical curriculum.

Pre-Med Consulting is an intimate one-on-one service provided by Gary Goldman, MD. Dr. Goldman has been a member of the faculty at Weill Cornell Medical College for twenty-nine years and was a member of their admissions committee for ten years. He also has twenty-seven years of experience in undergraduate admissions.

He provides comprehensive services to a limited number of students at one time in order to give you personalized attention. His unique approach includes providing knowledgeable advice, emotional support, assistance with document editing, and insider insight into the application and interview process. Dr. Goldman knows what it takes to get into medical school. His goal is to help you fulfill your dream!

What makes our approach different? Dr. Goldman is a practicing M.D. who is presently on faculty at a major university medical center. He has many years of experience on the admissions committee at one of the most competitive medical schools in the country. He limits his advising only to entry into medical school. All of the services are personally provided by Dr. Goldman and are not delegated to a less qualified colleague.

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Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to realize your dream of getting into medical school. Gain a competitive advantage with Dr. Goldman’s unique experience as a medical school Admissions Committee member. His insider knowledge and unique one-on-one approach will help you craft an application maximized for success.

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Why Choose Pre-Med Consulting

  • Personalized Plans

    Start with your background and maximize your potential. Identify potential concerns and correct them. Build on your achievements and develop a plan for success.

  • Proven Strategies

    Know what the top schools are actually looking for in applicants. We know what it takes to get a medical school interested in you as a solid candidate. Our goal is to help you fulfill your dream!

  • Unique Approach

    Knowledgeable advice, emotional support, assistance with document editing, and insider insight into the application and interview process. One-one-one counselling directly with Dr. Goldman.

At Any Stage of Your Education Pre-Med Consulting Can Help

Navigate medical school admissons with an expert

Start now to build your achievements into an achieveable plan.

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Dr. Goldman has integrated his highly recognized expertise in gynecological care with the thoughtful analytical approach of Functional Medicine. All patient care is approached through this unique dual lens. If you are seeking state of the art medical care in a nurturing environment, if your concerns haven’t been adequately heard or addressed, if you are ready to achieve maximum wellness, call for an appointment today.

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